Who We Are

We specialise in supplying professional live P.A sound systems and equipment for all events, big and small!
We Will Always Try Provide You With The Very Best P.A Hire Experiance With Equiptment Hire and Professional Operator Hire Oppertunities!

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What We Provide...

-> P.A Sound System Hire - With or Without A Professonal Operator.
-> Customization Of The Hired P.A System To Suit Your Event/Function.
-> We Provide Trained Specialists In Sound, This Provides Us With The Skills To Do What Others Can't.
-> We Provide The Best Personalised Service In The Sound Hire Industry.

Why? Because We Are One Of The Few Businesses That Focus Only On Live Sound Production.

We Specialise In...

Bands, Concerts, Plays and School Fetes

If you are planning a concert or a performance, no matter how large or small the audience may be, you will want the best sound production you can get. This does not mean you have to pay a fortune to a big impersonal company. However, you must hire the right type of equipment for the performance and the venue. ShowBizSound offers you that very important service which is often ignored by others.

Festivals and Community Events

ShowBizSound is one of the largest providers of professional live sound to community festivals in Brisbane. We would be delighted to look at your event and see what we can offer you to make your festival a better production. For the smaller festivals, we have a number of high quality packages, at a price that is very affordable.

Schools and Sporting Events

We believe that children need the same attention with their performances as professionals. ShowBizSound recognizes the specific needs for children's performances. We have special sound equipment that we use for the schools to assist us in obtaining the best results. Sporting events also require equipment that is different from that of a band or concert. ShowBizSound has years of experience in that area. School Fetes & Carnivals, Choirs, Productions, Carols By Candle Light. Speech Nights.

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